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  • Heat Treatment - While 356 Aluminum, our primary casting alloy, has many advantages and is highly castable, if your design requires extensive machining or elevated mechanical properties, you may need to consider T6 heat treating
  • Powder Coating - Powder coat painting provides an extremely durable color finish and its dry application makes it fast and very consistent.
  • Metal Finishing - Our standard finish is a steel shot blast that creates a dark metallic grey appearance, but there are many possible finishes that can be applied to an aluminum casting, including zinc wire blasting for a brighter finish, polishing, tumbling, color anodizing, etc.Click to View Our Casting Products
  • Impregnating - This process embeds the surface of the casting with an invisible epoxy that seals the casting surface from potential microporosity.
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing - The “HIP” process is similar to impregnating, but rather than using an additional substance to seal a casting, it uses heat and vacuum pressure to cause the aluminum itself to “refill” microporosity within the part. 
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